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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EST

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today in america, one family, the wealthiest family in this country, the walton family that -- who owns walmart, they alone own more wealth than the bottom 40% of the american people. one family. here is something about the walton family that is important to discuss. many of my republican colleagues around the country and they talk about welfare abuse, about poor people ripping off the welfare system. the largest recipient of welfare in america today is the walton family, the wealthiest family in america. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: here's why. walmart is the largest private-sector employer in our
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country. yet many of the workers at walmart are on medicaid, they are on food stamps, they are in subsidized housing, all of which you provide through your taxes. the reason the workers and -- in walmart are on medicaid, food stamps, and subsidized housing is because the walton family refuses to pay their workers a living wage. [booing] [applause] sen. sanders: i say to the walton family, get off of welfare, pay your workers a decent wage. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: not just wealth inequality. when we talk about our economy,
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two major points have to be made. number one, we are much better off today than we were when george w. bush left office seven years ago. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: you got to be easy on the republicans. they suffer from a very serious illness called amnesia. [laughter] sen. sanders: they have forgotten the world that george w. bush left the president and to all of us in 2008. but i will remind my republican friends about that world. that was a world in which 800,000 americans were losing their jobs every month. that was a world in which we were running up the largest deficit, $1.4 trillion, in the history of our country.
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that was a world in 2008 where the world financial system was on the verge of collapse. so, it is fair to say that under president obama, vice president biden, we have made real progress in the last seven years. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: here is another truth. that is while the economy today is better than it was seven years ago, much better. the other reality is for the last 40 years, the great middle class of our country, a middle class that was once the envy of the entire world, that middle-class has been disappearing.
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in vermont, in iowa, and all over this country, we have people who are working not just one job but two jobs or three jobs. we have people who are working so hard just to cobble together enough income and health care to take care of their family. all over this country you got mom working, you got get -- dad working, you got the kids working. you have families that are stressed out economically, marriages that are suffering from the stress, kids not getting the attention they deserve because their parents are working so hard. while our people are working so hard. by the way, we in america work the longest hours of any people in the industrialized world. the japanese are very hard workers. we now work longer hours than the japanese.
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with all of our people working such long hours, it turns out that despite that, 58% of all new income generated today is going to the top 1%. my friends, when you have an economy in which the top .1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom. when you have an economy in which 58% of all the new income goes to the top 0.1%, you have an economy that is rigged. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: how would you like to hear a radical idea tonight? are you ready for a radical idea? what about creating an economy
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that worked for working families and the middle class? not just the top 1%? [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about the economy, we've got to talk about jobs. every month federal government comes out with a report on unemployment. what you see in the front pages of your paper is official unemployment 5%. anybody here believes that unemployment in america is really 5%? >> no. sen. sanders: you are right. because there is another report that the government comes up which concludes that people have given up looking for work and millions of people are working part-time when they want to work full-time. that number is close to 10%. let me give you another number. it is very frightening.
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i asked some economists to do a study for me on youth unemployment. what kind of employment is there for kids who graduate high school? you know what the answer was? kids who were white, 33% of them were unemployed or underemployed. latinos, 36%. african americans, 51%. this is a tragedy. people want to stand on their own two feet. they want to become independent. but above and beyond that, if anybody in this room tonight thinks there is not a direct correlation between that high rate of youth unemployment and another american tragedy, that we have more people in jail than any other country on earth.
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if you do not see the correlation, you are missing an important point. [applause] so, here is another radical idea. are you ready for the second radical idea of the night? what about investing in education and jobs? [cheering] sen. sanders: rather than jails and incarceration? [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about our economy and why it is people work so hard, work so many hours, the answer is pretty obvious. that is that wages in america are just too low.
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the $7.25 minimum wage is a starvation wage. you can do the arithmetic. don't do it right now. do it when you get home. [laughter] sen. sanders: you can take out your calculator, multiply 8 dollars, nine dollars, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. the sum of money you're going the sum of money you're going to come up with will not be enough for an individual to survive on, let alone a family. in america when people work 40 hours a week, they should not be forced to live in dire poverty. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: that is why i believe we should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next several years. [applause]
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sen. sanders: when we talk about jobs and the need to put our people back to work, it is clear to me that we need a massive federal jobs program. what that means is that we should not be firing teachers, we should be hiring teachers. [cheering and applause] sen. sanders: it means that when we have a child care and pre-k system that is extremely dysfunctional, that millions of americans, parents, desperately are searching for quality, affordable child care, they can't find it. we have got to address that problem by hiring hundreds of thousands of well trained, well paid people to take care of america's little ones.
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[cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and when we talk about creating jobs, we should understand that our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our water systems, and you all know what's going on in flint, michigan, that's right. our wastewater plants, our rail system, our airports, our levees, our dams need an enormous amount of work. because in many parts of the country, they are disintegrating. i believe if we invest $1 trillion in rebuilding our infrastructure, we can make america safer and more productive and we can create 13 million jobs. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: now, people say,
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well, you know, $1 trillion, even in washington, that's a lot of money. how are you going to pay for that? i will tell you how. right now you have major corporations that make billions of dollars a year in profit, but in any given year, because they stash their profits in the cayman islands, bermuda, and other tax havens, they end up in a given year not paying a nickel in federal income taxes. what we are going to do is end that loophole, they're going to pay their taxes. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and we're going to use that revenue to rebuild our infrastructure and put our people back to work. [cheers and applause]
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sen. sanders: and when we talk about equitable wages and raising the minimum wage, i hope that every man in this room will stand with the women in the fight for pay equity for women workers. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: women should not be earning 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. that's nothing more than old-fashioned sexism. together we're going to change that. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: now, here in iowa, because you are the first caucus or primary in the nation, you have a lot of, lot of, lot of politicians running through your state. and you're going to hear from a lot of republicans who talk about family values. you ever hear republicans talking about family values? how much they love families?
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i hope that everybody in this room understands what republicans mean by family values. what they mean, what they mean, and what they are deadly serious in meaning, is that no woman in this room, in this state, in this country should have the right to control her own body. i disagree. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: what the republicans mean by family values is they want to defund planned parenthood. i want to expand funding for planned parenthood. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: what the republicans mean by family values is to tell our gay
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brothers and sisters they do not have the right to get married. i disagree. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: now, i will not shock anybody here to suggest that there is a lot of hypocrisy in politics. i know, i know, i'm sorry to disillusion you. i know that you thought that every thing every politician said and did was honest and straightforward. sadly, i have to inform you that is not the case. and when you think about the highest form of hypocrisy, let me give you what i think to be the case. my republican colleagues go around the country telling us how much they hate the government. they want to cut social security, they want to cut medicare, they want to cut
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medicaid. they want to do away with the e.p.a. they hate the post office. they hate the veterans administration. they hate every government agency there ever was. they want to get the government off our backs! except, except when it comes to whether or not a woman should be able to make a very personal choice. in that case, they love the government and want the government to make that choice for that woman, that is hypocrisy. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: now, jane, who you just met, and i have been married 27 years. [applause] sen. sanders: we have -- i don't know how she did it. [laughter] sen. sanders: but we've been
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married 27 years. we have four kids and seven beautiful grandchildren. and we believe very much in family and in family values. but when we talk about family values, it is in a very different way than republicans talk about it. when i talk about family values, i talk about ending the international embarrassment of the united states of america being not only the only major country on earth, wealthy country, but almost the only country on earth that does not guarantee paid family and medical leave. [cheers and applause] what that means, what that means is that today in iowa, in vermont, all over this country, women are having babies.
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and that is, for all of you who are parents, you know what an extraordinary moment that is. it's a pretty big day for the baby as well. [laughter] but here is the reality. if that mom in iowa or vermont does not have a lot of money, she will be forced to be separated from her newborn baby in a week, two weeks, three weeks. and she will have to go to work, go back to work to earn enough money to take care of her family. that is wrong. that is not what should happen in this great country. and that is why i am strongly supporting legislation that will provide three months of paid family and medical leave. applause] now, that
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legislation is not free. it costs money. it will cost the average worker about $1.68 a week. i think that that is a good investment for people to be able to take care of their children. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: in this campaign, i have talked a lot about the realities of american political and economic life. and there are people who really don't like to hear what i say. i've been criticized time and time again. but i believe getting back to the point that susan sarandon made a few minutes ago that if we are not honest, if we are not
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willing to have the courage to lay the real issues out on the table, then we cannot go forward. yeah, it will be hard. but we have got to understand what goes on and what we are up against. we have to understand why the middle class is declining and almost all new income and wealth goes to the top 1%. we have to understand why it is that congress continues to represent the interests of the wealthy and the powerful at the expense of ordinary americans. let me tell you briefly one story which i think encompasses a lot of what is going on in this country and why the american people are angry and why they are demoralized. here's the story. a couple of weeks ago, goldman sachs, one of the largest financial institutions in this country, a major wall street firm, reached a settlement with the united states government to
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pay $5 billion in fines. and they agreed to pay those fines because they were defrauding the american people and investors and they were selling subprime mortgage packages which were essentially worthless and they knew it. $5 billion in fines. that's reality number one. reality number two. this major wall street firm, in the last 25 years, has so much political power that they have provided two secretaries of the treasury, and that is one of the most important positions in the administration, shaping financial policy, one under a democratic administration, one under a republican administration. point number three. the c.e.o. of goldman sachs today, who is a billionaire -- a
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billionaire, went to congress a couple of years ago and this is what he said to congress. he said, you have got to cut social security, medicare and medicaid and give huge tax breaks to the rich and large corporations. point number four. and maybe the most important point as to why the american people are so angry and so distrustful of their government today. this company, this financial institution, paid out a $5 billion fine. if some kid in iowa or vermont today is picked up possessing marijuana, that kid will get a police record which will stay with him for the rest of his life. but the executives on wall street who drove this country into the worst economic
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recession since the great depression, whose greed and illegal behavior resulted in millions of americans losing their jobs, their homes, their life savings, these executives who pay billions of dollars in settlement agreements with the government, not one of them has been prosecuted. not one of them has a criminal record. [crowd booing] sen. sanders: and the answer, somebody says why not? i'll tell you why not. when these guys on wall street, whose greed and recklessness forced our economy to the verge of collapse, they went to the middle class and got a bailout, as you all know, because the banks were too big to fail. they went down, they would take half the economy with them.
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that was the logic. well, it turns out that not only do we have banks that are too big to fail, we have bankers who are too big to jail. that's wrong and together we're going to change that. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and when we talk about the ways that our country has got to move forward, we have got to understand that the campaign finance system that we have right now is corrupt, it is undermining american democracy. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: i am proud to tell you that i am the only democratic candidate running for president who does not have a super p.a.c.
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[cheers and applause] sen. sanders: now, when you have a situation which is the case right now where, as a result of this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision, where you have a situation where billionaires like the koch brothers and a few of their friends are able to pour $900 million into this campaign cycle, when you have billionaires buying elections through super p.a.c.'s, that is not democracy. that is oligarchy and together we are going to change that. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: when we talk about what goes on in america today, everybody here knows that for this country to succeed, we need
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to have the best educated work force in the world. everybody knows that. truth is, 30, 40 years ago, we did have the best educated work force in the world. truth is we do not today. today, we have hundreds of thousands of bright, qualified young people who have the ability to do well in college, who want to go to college, but who cannot go to college for one reason. and that reason is their families lack the funds. that is not only unfair to those young people, it is unfair to the future of our economy. because we need to tap the intellectual resources of all of our people. and that is why i believe that in the year 2016, when we look
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at public education, we cannot only be looking at education up to the 12th grade. 50, 60 years ago, when you had a high school degree, you went to, you know, public high school, got out, you could get a pretty good job. today in many ways a college degree is what a high school degree was 50 years ago. and that is why i believe that today we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. [cheers and applause] sen. sanders: and here is something else that i believe. all over iowa -- and i've had dozens and dozens of meetings just like this, i hear from people who are saddled and being crushed by high student debt and
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high interest rates on that student debt. anybody here with a student debt? all over the country, millions of people. now, stop and think for a second. as a nation, our job should be to encourage young people to get all the education they need. that's what we should be doing. we should not be punishing people because they sought to have an education. now, when i go around iowa, this is what i hear. a few weeks ago, talked to a young man, 29 years of age, married, two kids, he works in sustainable energy. doesn't make a whole lot of money. he's paying 53% of his income in student debt. talked to a young woman in burlington, vermont, a few years
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ago, had a meeting on this issue. her dream was to become a medical doctor, working in primary health care for low income people, exactly the doctors we need. her punishment for doing exactly what our society needs was $300,000 in debt. then a few months ago, i was in des moines. i mentioned that fact, $300,000 in debt. a woman comes up to me after my remarks and said, $300,000? i just graduated dental school, $400,000 in debt. i was in nevada last month, a guy comes up to me, 55 years of age, he's been paying off his student debt for 25 years, he is more in debt today than he was when he started paying it off and he is worried that when he gets social security, they're
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going to garnish his social security payments to pay off his student debt. that's crazy. that is crazy. that is crazy. so, if we want the best educated workforce in the world, we have to make educational opportunities available and we do not burden people that get a college or graduate degree with outrageous debt. that is why, as part of my legislation, we are going to allow students, graduates with lots of student debt to refinance their loans with the lowest possible interest rates they can find. now, some people say it's a great idea. you are santa claus. you have given it all away. free stuff is what they describe it as. how are you going to pay for
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that? i will tell you. we will pay through it through attacks on wall street speculation. now, when wall street went under, they went to the middle class for a bailout. now it is wall street's turn to help the middle class. as adults, as parents, as grandparents, we have a moral ralponsibility, a mo responsibility to leave this planet to our children and our grandchildren in a way that is healthy and habitable. all to think about it. i want you all to think about what people will be saying 60 or 70 years from now. when they will saying, "why
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didn't you act in terms of climate change when you should have acted? you knew what was going to happen." i'm on the senate environmental committee and i am on the senate energy committee. and i have talked to scientists all over our country and all over the world. thehere's the truth -- debate is over climate change is real, it is caused by human activity. and it is already causing devastating problems in our country and around the world. if elected president, i will help lead the effort to reach out to china, russia, india, countries all over the world. effort top lead the stand up to the fossil fuel industry and transform our
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energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. now i want to connect a few dots here. i want you to ask yourselves, how does it happen that we have party, theitical republicans, who refused to even acknowledge climate change, let alone be prepared to do anything about? how does that happen? i will ttell you. it happens because the day that any republican candidate stood that climate change is real, that republican candidate would lose campaign contributions from the koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry. and that is a corrupt campaign uinance system is doingt to o
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country. and i say to my republican colleagues, think about your kids, think about your grandchildren, think about the future of this planet, stop worrying about where you are going to get your campaign contributions. what this campaign is about is asking people to think big not small. understand that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, when we stand together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. turns out that the united kingdom provides health care to all of their people. germany does it. france does it.
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scandinavia does it. does it. does it, canada major country on earth guarantees health care to all their people is a right. we do not. now, i have been criticized for this but let me be honest and clear with everybody in this room and with the people of iowa . yes, i do believe that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. yes, i do believe that we should move to a medicare for all single-payer program. now, i am on the committee that helped write the afford care
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act. i helped write it and i voted for it and i am proud of the many accomplishments the affordable care act brought about. before the aca, private insurance companies had this obscenity of pre-existing conditions. that if you were a person heading on this, they would not ensure you for that ellis. -- that illness. that is like getting fire insurance, except they will not ensure you if you have a fire. totally absurd, totally crazy. it's gone. 18 millioned almost more americans into the ranks of the insured. we should be proud of that. endave gone a long way to discrimination against women who previously had to pay more for
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health insurance because they were women. so, we have made progress in a number of various. -- in a number of area. but -- and this is the but -- today in america, 29 million people still have no health insurance and many more are underinsured with high deductibles and high copayments. as i go around the state of iowa , i ask people, tell me about deductibles. anybody here have deductibles? what kind of deductibles do you have? 6500? 5000? 4500. 3000. ok. to people who have deductibles, a guy in a family $13,000 deductible, ok? what happens to somebody who
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does not have a lot of money and who has a high copayment? you don't go to the doctor. and what happens when you do not go to the doctor when you get sick? you get sicker. i have talked to doctors in firman and all over this country vermont and-- in all over this country who tell me that patients walk into their office much sicker than they ought to be. come in hereu six months ago? people say, i had a high deductible. some of those people die when they should not have died because they got to the doctor too late. the hospital in a great pain and great expense to the system. furthermore, furthermore, one in five americans today cannot afford to fill the prescriptions
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their doctors are prescribing. think for a moment how crazy that is. you go to the doctor because you are sick. the doctor write a prescription. fill inot afford to because the cost of prescription drugs in this country is outrageouslyt, high. we are paying the highest prices in the world for medicine. these are the realities that we face today. tell you one brief story. in the late 1990's when i was a vermont condo, i took a bus load of women from -- vermont congressman i took a busload of women from vermont to the canadian border. these were women who are suffering from breast cancer, working-class women. we got up to montréal. they bought the medicine they needed for 1/10th the price
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of what they were paying in vermont. if elected president, trust me. the pharmaceutical industry will stop ripping off the american people. today in america, we have millions of seniors and disabled veterans and people with disabilities who are struggling to keep their heads above water. i just had a meeting the other day in iowa falls. tryingheard from people to tell us with great emotion about what it is like to live on $10,000 a year, or what it is like to live on $12,000 a year. now, i think that when you have
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millions of seniors and disabled vets trying to get by on 12, $13,000 a year, we should not be doing what the republicans are proposing, which is to cut social security. we should be expanding social security benefits. when barack obama was here in 2008 he had a proposal. and i introduce legislation based on that proposal. that proposal was pretty simple -- it says that today, when somebody is a millionaire and somebody is making $118,000 a ye ar, they are both paying the same amount of money into the social security trust fund. on taxable the cap income going into social security and you -- at
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$250,000, we can extend the life of social security for 50 years from today. we can increase benefits for people making less than $16,000 a year by $1300 a year. that will make a difference and a lot of people's lives. that is what we should be doing. all of you are aware that we are living in a very dangerous world. and when you turn on the tv you see horrible, horrible acts of barbarity and atrocities. and nobody has any magical answer to these problems, but this is what i do believe. you are looking at somebody who when he was in the house of representatives listened to what
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george w. bush and dick cheney and don rumsfeld had to say about their view about iraq. i listened very carefully and i said, they are wrong. i voted against the war in iraq. and if you go to my website, or to youtube, listen to what i said on the floor of the house about my fears about what would happen if we invaded iraq. it gives me no pride to tell me, no joy to tell you that much of what i feared would happen did happen. that was then. now is now. ad now we are confronted with barbaric organization called s s isis, which in my view, must be destroyed. but what we must be is not just tough. we must be smart.
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and to be smart in my view means we must not get our young men and women in the military bogged down in perpetual warfare in the quagmire of the middle east. what that means is that the the united states must form a strong and coordinated coalition. jordan, made af very important point. what he said is obviously terrorism is an international issue, impacts the world. but it is primarily an issue of the muslim people, because groups like isis have hijacked their religion, the soul of
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their religion and have converted it into a barbaric way of life. and what he said, and i agree with him, is that at the end of the day, it must be muslim troops on the ground destroying isis with the support of the major powers on earth. and i agree with that. the unitedhat states, u.k., france, germany, russia, all of the major countries around the world should be active in supporting through air efforts, training of troops, helping the muslim troops on the grounds destroyed isis. and here there is maybe some good news recently, and that is as you know the iraqi army has
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not been a terribly effective fighting force. that's right. that is an understatement. months, welast few have seen some progress. as you know the iraqi army fought very effectively and has retaken ramadi. and it turns out that in the last year isis has lost about 40% of the territory that it controlled in iraq. i believe the train, the iraqi ,we we have got to train our friends in the region but i will do everything i can to see our young men and women do not get caught up and never ending warfare in the quagmire of that region.
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let me just go back to the opint point that susan sarandon made a moment ago. it was more than a moment ago, i guess. a few moments ago. -- changeer point was is never easy. change never comes without struggle. change never comes unless we have the courage to stand up to oppression. that is the history of the civil rights movement. it's the history of the women's movement. it's the history of the gay movement, the history of the environmental movement. the only way that change takes place is when millions of people become engaged and stand up. >> we're with you bernie! sen. sanders: let me just say
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something. i am the only candidate for president who tells you this but it is true. i cannot do it alone. no president can do it alone. because the powers that be on wall street, in corporate america and the corporate media brothers and all these powerful special interest, no president can do it alone. the only way we transform this country is when millions of people are prepared to engage an d when people stand up and say loudly and clearly, "this government of hours belongs to all of us, not just the 1%." thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> good job, good job. >> thank you, bernie. >> can i get a picture with you? she was really excited about coming today in seeing you. >> they differ coming. >> thank you -- -- thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> it is three days before the iowa caucuses and more wrote to the white house coverage. starting at 8:00, new jersey governor chris christie holding a town hall meeting. after that, jeb bush meeting with voters and supporters in carroll. later, ben carson holding a campaign rally in iowa city. he will be joined by chuck
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grassley. wrote to the white house, tonight starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span -- road to the white house. >> the weekend prior to the caucuses, there will be a frenzy of activity across iowa. there are so many candidates on the republican side. three viable candidates on the democratic side and they will have, each of them, 3, 4, fiv, e six events. what we are looking for are those events that give you a sense of what it is like to campaign for the caucuses. key is organization could you need to make sure those people who support you get to the caucuses. it will be interesting to see how the candidates are trying to close the deal, sell their message and convince those people who might still be on the fence to go for candidate a or candidate b. what you will see is wall-to-wall coverage on c-span as these candidates make their final pitches. >> live coverage of the presidential candidates in iowa.
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>> tomorrow on "washington statel
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here on c-span. the road to the white house continues with a hillary clinton campaign rally in marshalltown. she spoke to supporters about education, economic opportunity for all americans, and the importance of getting out to caucus on monday. this is 50 minutes. please welcome, hillary clinton! mrs. clinton: thank you all, so much. thank you. you are great. thank you! oh, my goodness. i'll tell you, it was worth it trying to get here. you have been so generous with your time and i'm just so grateful to be back in marshalltown and you have this
6:56 pm
whance to talk with you, no less than a week until the caucus on monday night. but it's just really meaningful to me that you would be here and be part of this process. i really am grateful to each and every one of you. i've learned a lot in the last months and i really think that spending all this time in small groups and big ones is going to make me a better president. so, i thank you for everything you have done to make that possible. and i really want to thank mark smith. his endorsement. i'm thrilled. thank you so very much, representative. i have a plan that i hope will come to pass when it affects mark. hope we will be able
6:57 pm
to make him the majority leader of the house of representatives in the state legislature. think of all the good things he could do for you and for people across iowa. well, it's getting close. and when all of you decide to go going on monday, you are to be the first people in the world to get to express an opinion about who should be the next president and commander in chief for our country. nsd i know how seriously iowa take this because i have been talking with you and listening to you, but i want to just spend discussinges really what is at stake, because this is one of the most consequential elections that we have had in quite some time. when you think about it, there are some very big differences theeen u s and -- us and republicans. and that puts a special
6:58 pm
responsibility on you and voters to try to decide where you stand. i will tell you where i stand. i believe that the republican policies that are being promoted by this crop of candidates that are traveling across our state and country would set our thetry back, rip up progress we have made, and undermine our future. and that is true across the board, but let me pick a few of the most important issues. let's take the economy. you've heard from them. they are spouting the same failed economic policies. trickle-down economics. cut taxes on the wealthy, get out of the way of corporations. we have tried that. it does not work. and it is important to know the facts. and the facts are that our
6:59 pm
economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house who cares about creating jobs and raising incomes for americans. and the last two democratic presidents we have had, both of whom i know, which -- proud inherited economic problems from the republican presidents are. in my husband's case, it was a recession. a huge national debt that had been quadrupled in the prior 12 years in a big deficit. so, when he got to watch in, people said, what do you especially bring to washington that can make a difference? bringd, i guess i arithmetic. we are going to make it out again for the american people. at the end of eight years, we did. 23 million new jobs the most forrtantly incomes went up everybody, not just those at the
7:00 pm
top. hard-working middle-class families, working families, poor families, more people were lifted off a property than any recent time in our history. and we ended up with a balanced budget and a surplus. we were on the right track. well back came the republicans getan. came trickle-down economics. george w. bush slashed taxes on the wealthy and got out of the way of corporations to the extent that the man he put in charge of keeping an eye on wall to a bigok a chainsaw stack of regulations and had a great big smile on his face. we know what happened, don't we? the greatest financial crisis since the great depression. and when barack obama became president, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. think president obama
7:01 pm
gets the credit he deserves for digging us out a big ditch the republicans put us in during their administration. and it was not easy. i know. i talked to him about it. when he asked me to be secretary of state, he said we have got to focus on the economy home. we have got to fix all the problems that we also inherited around the world. and what did he do? well, we're back on track with 14 million new jobs. the affordable care act was passed. we are now at 90% health care coverage in america for the first time. theassed and signed toughest regulations on wall street since the 1930's. the dodd-frank law. saved the auto industry which was on the brink of collapse, which would have taken another couple million jobs down with them. we ended up losing 9 million
7:02 pm
because of the great recession. 5 million homes were lost and $13 trillion in family wealth was white out. -- wiped out. if you want to go back there, you have a lot of folks, including one who was here today who are spouting that same stuff, because that is where we will end up again. morect, you are four times likely to see a recession in american when you have a republican in the white house. the economy is going to be at the core of this election. ask everybody who is running what they are going to do. i am proud of what we have been doing on the democratic side. we have our differences but we have differences over issues and that is what we talk about. not insults which is what happens among the republicans. so, i've put out a plan. we need more infrastructure jobs. our roads and bridges and tunnels and port and airport and rail systems and our sewer
7:03 pm
systems, our water systems. we have work to do in our country and those are jobs that can't be exported. they need to be done right here. and put americans back to work building our economy, making us more competitive. and then we're going to take a tax system and get rid of the incentive that actually encourages people to take jobs and move them overseas. take factories and build them overseas. we are going to reverse that so we start investing in america again, advanced many fracturing. i know it can be done because i have been to some of your community colleges. i have seen the work that is training there, the that is going on. i also know it can be done because while we are going to combat climate change we are going to create more clean renewable energy jobs. and that will be a huge economic opportunity that is directly linked to what i was doing. you know, the republicans when
7:04 pm
you asked them about climate change, they all say the same thing. i don't know. i'm not a scientist. there is an easy way to remedy that. don't talk to a scientist. listen to a scientist, learn about what is going on. and, you know, that is bad enough they are in denial. what really is troubling is they are missing this huge economic opportunity. and when i tell people that, i see sometimes folks around the country have a little bit of skepticism on their faces. and here is what i tell them -- i know we can create those jobs because look at what iowa has d one. and i want you to thank representative smith. thank you. and it started with tom bill sack and the democrats -- tom vilsach and the democrats. iowa now gets 1/3 of your electricity from wind. you have 7000 people working in the wind industry.
7:05 pm
you are doing research on advanced biofuels that the defense department thinks may be able to fuel navy vessels and air force planes. so, iowa's in the forefront of the energy revolution, because some country is going to be the 21st century clean energy superpower. it's either going to be china, germany or us. i wanted to be us. and we need to make up our minds it is going to be us. and we're going to be doing the technology, the innovation and exporting to the rest of the world. be focusing on small business, because that is where most of the jobs come from in america. and i want to be the small business president. my dad was a small business man. i want to clear away the underbrush so people can start businesses again, a special young people. a lot of young people tell me they would love to go into business but they cannot get credit. part of it is they have such a student debt.
7:06 pm
that.e got to fix we need to make it easier to start and grow a small business. there are two ways we can raise incomes real quick. one, we have got to raise the minimum wage. people who work full-time should not still be in poverty. there should be a ladder of opportunity. and the other way is guarantee equal pay for women's workto. incomes andl raise families will be better off. the economy will be. now, everything i've just said you the republicans do not agree with. every bit of it. they do not believe in any of it. they do not really tell you what they will do accept just get out of the way and let corporations do whatever they want and let their big donors do whatever they want. that is not going to work. and we cannot be sold that bill of goods again. do isher thing we have to
7:07 pm
to change the tax system so that it is fairer. i'm the only candidate running on either side who has made this pledge -- i will raise your incomes, i will not raise middle-class taxes. i do not think it is right. who sufferedle because of the republican recession and asking for you to the investments for the future. i want you to take advantage of them, but i want to go where the money is -- and the money is at the top. and that is where we need to be shifting our tax system. the loopholesse and special gimmicks that corporations and the wealthy use, like the carried interest loophole that i have been against for years. we also need to do what warren buffett suggested. happy that heery endorsed me. i went to omaha with him. we were standing there. and he, um, he said, "you know, i'm not too popular among my
7:08 pm
becauseends these days, i think people like me should pay more money into our tax system to support our country." he has something he calls the buffet rule. anybody makes $1 million should have to pay a 30% tax rate. so i've i doubt it though buffett rule. and we are going to go at it and get that done. and then, i want to go further. i want to impose what i call a fair share surcharge on incomes of $5 million or more. now, there are not very many of those, but there is a lot of money there. because i want to use that money to make college affordable. i want to use that money to invest in clean energy. i want to use that money to move towards paid family leave, so that families get more support to be able to do their work at home at take care of their families. i want to use that money to help ring down the cost of childcare, which in some states is as
7:09 pm
expensive as cap -- as college tuition. there are things we can do that will relieve the burdens of middle-class families, and the money should come from those who have it. now, people say to me, "how are we ever going to get that done?" i do have a political strategy. i have seen a little bit of this in the last 20-plus years. there are not that many people who make $5 million or more in america. i think we can make a clear case. congressman, over there, are you in favor of clean energy and a formal college -- and affordable college in early childhood education, and the way we get it is to tax the two people in your district to make more than $5 million? or are you going to deny that to the 350,000 people who live in your district? we are going to make a tough case about why we have to make the task of fairer. you know, you can talk about it but i have a plan to do it, not just a plan on the substance but
7:10 pm
a political plan. because i want you to know what i aim to do for. you and what it will cost you. and i want everybody to be able to look at that and make your own judgment. i also have what has been described as the toughest, most effective, copperheads a plan to go. i totally agree with my two esteemed opponents that we have got to keep our eyes on the big banks. and no bank is too big to fail and no executive is too powerful to jail. but we already have the authority to go after them. that was in the dodd frank bill. we do not have to do that. we just have to implement it. and i have said, if they pose a systemic risk to our economy, i will go after them, and i will use the process that president obama signed into law. where we's hwhwere
7:11 pm
differ. that is not enough. this is what we have been arguing about on the debate stage. it was not just a big exit caused our problems. it was an investment bank like lehman brothers. it was a big insurance conglomerate called aig. it was a mortgage company called countrywide. it was another bank, not one of the big five, called cobia -- banking via in the shadow sector. we are goingaid is after risk wherever it is in the financial system and paul krugman, the nobel prize-winning economist said "i have the best man. barney frank, who is actually said ink in dodd-frank have the best plan because i am trying to look not a just what happened in the past, but what could happen in the future. and the best evidence i have that i have the best plan is that the republicans and their
7:12 pm
billionaire allies are running ads against me. you know, it started a few weeks ago. these two hedge fund billionaires formed a super pac to run ads against me to convince democrats not to support me. the airme carl rove, and boy for the billionaires. he is now running an ad against me. now another billionaire has jumped in. against running an ad me. you have got to stop to think, why are they spending all this money to try to convince democrats not to support me? i think you know the answer, because they know that i say what i mean, i do what i say i will do, and i know how to get it done, to take after them to prevent them from pushing an agenda on us that hurts the economy. now, another area where i have
7:13 pm
very strong feelings and share exactly the same goal as senator sanders is health care. you know, i believe in universal health care coverage. every american should have it. before was called obamacare it in called hillarycare back 1993 when i was trying to get universal health care. we were not successful. and that was really disappointing. the drug companies, the insurance companies spend millions of dollars against us. so, we didn't succeed. and then i got to thinking, what can i do now? because my view is when you are knocked down, you share the human experience when everybody gets knocked out about something. the real question is what you get back up. so, i started thinking what can i do that can help somebody make a difference in their lives? and i remembered what i was traveling around the country trying to get universal health summary people who did not have insurance.
7:14 pm
they could not afford it. they had a pre-existing conditions and insurance companies would not give it to them. i met so many really good, decent people who were so overwhelmed by what was happening to them. thei remember i was at children's hospital in cleveland, meeting with a group of parents whose kids were sick with chronic disea ses. two girlsid, i have with cystic fibrosis and nobody will sell insurance to me. i said, what do you say that you want to try to pay for something? they say no. i will tell you what the last person told me, he said. " wwe don't ensure burning houses. they called my little girls burnings houses."
7:15 pm
i started worked with democrats and republicans and we created the children's health program and it now insurers 8 million kids. when you encounter an obstacle, you have got to keep going. you cannot ever stop if you're trying to accomplish something that will help other people. i was thrilled when the president past and signed the afford care act. the democratic party has been trying to get that accomplished since harry truman. and now i meet people all the time who are benefiting from it. i want to build on and improve it. the republicans want to repeal it and that is what they will do if it to get the white house back. we can't let that happen. here is what i want to do -- decreased out-of-pocket costs, decrease prescription drug costs, i want to make sure that we get the authority for medicare to negotiate for lower drug costs with the drug companies. i want to go after the predatory
7:16 pm
pricing that drug companies are using to raise the price of drugs. taxnt to take away their benefits. they get a tax benefit forever typing all that stuff on tv that we never, i can't understand what they're talking about. they have had people walking through fields of wildflowers, walking on beaches. they have the name of the drug which is unpronounceable. then in a low voice onto the music they have somebody saying "if you take this drug, your nose will fall off." he spend more money on advertising on tv than they spend on research. so we are, going to go right at them and take them on. to startn't want over. that is the disagreement i have with senator sanders. i wanted to build on what we have and make it better and go from 90% coverage to 100% of americans. i do not want to start at zero all overto fight it again, have to have the national battle we have had on health care over the last 25 years.
7:17 pm
so i am determined that we are going to make this work for everybody. and i know it is the right thing to do. and i hope that we will be able to get your costs down. your co-pays, your deductibles. a lot of people are telling me are starting to pinch again. will defend social security against privatization. the republicans still want to privatize it. they are still talking about that. it is a terrible idea. you know the worst part -- they want to turn the entire social security trust fund over 12 three. that is what this is all about. take that money people have been paying in for 80 years and turn it over to wall street. i will never let that happen. ist is the worst idea that imaginable. i will also not let them voucherize medicare, something
7:18 pm
else they want to do. and i will not let them privatize the v.a. but we to fix the v.a., are not going to take away guaranteed benefits from our veterans who have earned them through their service. that is not going to happen. it comes to foreign policy and national security, well, i think we have a lot to do to keep our country safe. ideas that ime have been putting out based on the senate after 9/11, based on my work as secretary of state. it is imperative that we do everything we can to defeat isis. to stop the flow of foreign fighters and funding , to fight them on the internet where they are quite effective without putting american troops back on the ground in either syria or iraq.
7:19 pm
that will not happen. it is not going to happen on my watch. then we have to do a better job working with federal, state and local law enforcement to keep a safe at home. and we have to do a better job of sharing intelligence, getting intelligence that will help us prevent attacks. 9/11, was a senator after i was kept up-to-date on all the threats that still were facing new york. very dedicated group of police and federal law enforcement and everyone who worked together, but one of the best things we did was a eempaign which said "if you sa something suspicious or hear something suspicious, report it." thepeople were picking up phone and telling the police or maybe calling the fbi. and it really provided kind of we needed andlp people could then follow up.
7:20 pm
and we foiled attacks. the reason i mentioned that is because of this -- the republican candidates, led by their front runner, have been attacking muslims. you've heard that. attacking american muslims, attacking muslim's around the world. that is not only shameful. it is dangerous. we need everybody in this on the same team when it comes to preventing terrorist attacks. and we need people -- [applause] mrs. clinton: who are in the community who hear something, see something to report it. and not feel like they are being defamed, insulted, pushed out. to certainly if we are going
7:21 pm
defeat isis, we need a coalition that includes muslim nations. i build a coalition been imposed sanctions on iran. you do not start by insulting their religion and then ask them to be part of the effort to defeat a common adversary. that is not the way it works in the real world. so, we have to be smart about how we protect ourselves, and that will be my highest priority. also want to continue to move toward comprehensive immigration reform, which i think is in the best interests of our country and our economy. know whereto let you i stand on a lot of the issues that the republicans have taken positions on, because they seem to be against so many of the fundamental rights that i support. i am for women's rights, a woman's right to make her own health decisions. and i am against defunding planned parenthood. i am for marriage equality.
7:22 pm
and against discrimination against the lgbt community. i am against citizens united, which is a terrible decision that has opened the doors to floods of unaccountable money from the koch others and others. and i would do everything i can to reverse that decision. i also want to keep pushing for criminal justice reform and reform in the incarceration system. and i want to fight for commonsense gun safety measures keepwill hellp americans safe without infringing on gun owners right. we are a smart people. we can do this. and what i do not understand is how when we know we have on average 90 people are day dying from gun violence, 33,000 people year, we can't figure out how to
7:23 pm
protect people, protect first-graders going to school, people going to a movie theater, churchgoers going to bible study. we can do this. we can't stop every murder or every tragic or avoidable accident but we can stop a lot of them, without infringing on anybody's rights. and 92% of the american people agree with that, and 85% of gun owners agree with that. somebody who will stand up to the gun lobby and stop them from intimidating commonsense reforms in our country. we have a lot of work to do, my friends. and you have been really patient. and the children who are still here have been especially patient. and i don't wnaant to keep you any loner.
7:24 pm
comments and a few for those of you who want to stay i will shake your hands and take pictures and you can ask me questions, but everybody else can go home and not feel bad it, because i need you to get up tomorrow and helped work to get more people to go to the caucus next monday. about making progress against the odds. working witht people. i worked with republicans as first lady, as senator, as secretary of state. for the to get results people i represented in the senate as well as our country. i worked when i was secretary of state to make our country safe and to have our values and our interests promoted. and i know how to find common ground, because i have done it. doon't think, i think, i believe that probably every republican i served with that one time or another, sponsored a
7:25 pm
piece of my legislation, actually when i am not running for something, they say nice things about me. ,ven in the case of mr. trump they give me money because they think i am so good as a candidate and a senator. this is politics. this is all that that goes on. over, i the election is will work as hard as i can to find that common ground, to get good things to happen for you, for your families, for your country. and make it possible for young people to feel like i felt that, really, the american dream was available. but if to work for it, you did, you could get ahead and stay ahead. . that is what i think about when it comes to my granddaughter i'm the granddaughter of a factory worker can she is the granddaughter of a former president. i think it should not matter. the grandchildren of everybody should have the same opportunities in our country.
7:26 pm
and that is what i am going to stand up for and fight for, and with your help, starting at the caucus next monday night, that is what we will do together. thank you all so much! [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ conversations]
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>> thank you all. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and a look at some of the campaigning of hillary clinton. one of the front-runners in the campaign on the democratic side in iowa, three days ahead of the iowa caucuses. we're going to be bringing you live coverage of course from iowa on that day. but first we want to get your response to see what you think about what you heard from hillary clinton. the other democratic candidates as well. we just heard from bernie sanders and martin o'malley. the phone numbers to call, democrats 202-748-892k0. for republicans, 202-748-8921. and independents, all others, 202-748-8922. want to get right to your phone calls. barb on the line first from stewart, minnesota. republican. hi, barb. caller: hey.
7:46 pm
how you doing? >> pretty good. how about you? caller: good. i am thinking about donald trump because he knows how to do his business and he knows how to get the country straightened out. i've been listening to the other candidates. it seems like there's always like which one is going to be the king of the hill. >> so for you it's going to be donald trump, huh? caller: yes. >> all right. any thoughts on hillary clinton? aller: the number one guy. >> if he doesn't get the nomination who is your second runner-up? caller: i don't have no second runner-up. i tell you, i'm going with donald trump all the way. >> all right. your friends, too, and people you know? caller: just, i brought some people from wisconsin and everything, they all want donald. >> thanks, barb. dayton, ohio, democrat. kyle is on the line with us. welcome.
7:47 pm
caller: hi. i am going to be voting if i can, i might write it in, for bernie sanders. if he isn't nominated i might vote for hillary clinton or another republican. anybody but donald trump. i will vote for john kasich. i will vote for rubio. i will vote for anybody. i want bernie sanders but i'll vote for anybody but donald trump. >> why is that? caller: i know some of the stuff he did in ireland and scotland to put up golf courses that threw people off ancient properties. it would just be a huge embarrassment to have donald trump as our president. >> a big issue with a lot of attention eminent domain. any other reasons? caller: i just, you please, attitude. either arrogance or maybe he feels bad about himself so he has to say he's better than everybody else. i don't know. it sounds dumb coming out of anybody over 15 years old. >> what is the feeling like there for bernie sanders? caller: i live in a working class neighborhood so most people don't really vote to
7:48 pm
tell you the truth. i've been trying to talk to some of them. it seems like there is kind after way people are either going with bernie sanders or donald trump. they don't want the, you know, the candidates of the parties for some reason. >> thanks for the call. on to norfolk, virginia. william is on the line for republicans. william, thanks for calling. caller: surely. i've been watching things pretty closely. i mean, i go back to where donald trump is saying that cruz is, you know, basically was born in canada so he's not a u.s. born. i went back with a new york paper stating that obama was born in kenya. >> right. caller: well, i did some googling myself on the phone and found out that's where he
7:49 pm
was born. but he was then later brought over into hawaii. >> i don't know. i thought we had gotten that ironed out. what do you think about the current candidate? caller: you know what i mean. >> what do you think about the current candidates, william? what is your thought, hillary clinton, donald trump? caller: i like chris christie but i know he's not going to make it. but i've known people that have known trump pretty much inside and out and he's always, he sat here and put up disabled people in hotels when it was cold and they were homeless. he put up the money himself, his own money out of his wallet so to speak. he'd sit here and make sure they were housed for the winter n new jersey, atlantic city.
7:50 pm
strong t believe he's and h to keep this country idealistic enough to keep this country safe, upgrade the economy in this country, you now, i believe he will raise men mumn wage. >> what do you think his chances are in the caucuses on monday, william? ller: i'm just going to say, i think he should do well. and i hope he ranges somewhere up above 59%. >> all right. call from william there in norfolk, virginia. judy is on the line. evansville, indiana, democrat. caller: yeah. this is judy. >> hi. caller: i'm going to be voting for hillary. we were good with her when bill was in there and i think we'll
7:51 pm
do good again whenever hillary gets in there. i'm proud of her. >> all right. thanks, judy. let's take look at this from the milwaukee, wisconsin journal-sentinel, just an article about hillary clinton, bernie sanders, republicans in campaign stop as they're going through iowa. three days to go before the nation's presidential nominating process kicks off. hillary clinton spent as much time friday drawing distinctions between herself and fellow democrat bernie sanders as she did criticizing her gop opponents. another call here, from rosedale, new york, independent. hi. caller: hi. good evening. how are you? >> very good. caller: okay. thank you. well, i watched the debates and i watched the republican
7:52 pm
debates closely and i've watched the democratic debates very closely. and the -- i've watched all of the republican debates. and in the beginning i was drawn to donald trump, because he was not in the ordinary of what we expected a politician to talk about, etcetera, etcetera. but when he began to go off track, and not policy enough, but he just went into the sensationalism, and in going into the emotions of people, whether it's negative or positive, it had nothing to do with politics. it was an entertainment and a show. and this is a very important time in our history wherin we are being threatened on many,
7:53 pm
many fronts. we have our economy threatened, our security is being threatened, and inside and outside, and our credibility as far as the world is concerned is -- needs to be stronger. >> now, who would be your candidate then? caller: well, now, you know i can't pronounce his name that well. >> kasich? caller: he is the governor from ohio. >> kasich, john kasich? caller: kasich. that man had talked with a lot of good sense. he hit it right on the head. but he's not a -- he is not -- he doesn't have the appeal and he glamour that, you know, rubio and trump had but he may, in my impression, him and jeb bush impressed me the most. >> and a bunch of the republicans, also, were on fox
7:54 pm
news yesterday except for donald trump who held his separate rally and fundraiser for veterans. we are going to have coverage on sunday of two of those candidates, donald trump, he'll be in council bluffs, iowa, live at 2:00 eastern time. and then at 3:00 we'll be hearing from one of the democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders, sunday. again, that's from waterloo, iowa. taking your calls ahead of the iowa caucuses on monday, jim calling from florida, republican. hi, jim. caller: hello. good evening. >> good evening. caller: i'm an 85-year-old young korean veteran. i'm voting for donald trump. he's going to handle putin. he's going to handle china. he's going to handle mexico. he's going to have some good people running for the presidents of the republican party. he'll select a few of them to be cabinet, working with him to get the job done. i know he is honest. he doesn't need money. he won't take any money. i know that's a sin working in
7:55 pm
d.c. for many years as a lobbyist, my business career. i love what he stands for. i don't have to like everything he does but i do stand for everything he believes in. >> what are some of the things you don't like that he does, jim? caller: what's that? >> what are some of the things you don't like? caller: sometimes he hits too -- a little below the belt with comments. >> got it. caller: emotionally. he doesn't mean it. most people in congress say, don't say those things. he says what he thinks. >> right. caller: he thinks out loud. >> okay. caller: i think out loud. >> all right. caller: sometimes i wish i didn't say it but i meant it. >> thanks for the call. democrats line, calling from florida. hi. caller: hello. i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. very k her issues are good. her husband made my son rich when he couldn't even get a job with the other president before
7:56 pm
him and he had a college education. so i'm voting for her because she knows what she's doing. >> okay. how does she make your son rich? caller: her husband did. >> i see. good economy? caller: well, yes, good economy. before, the person that was before him, like i said, he had a college education, he couldn't even get a job. he had to stand on the corners like the immigrants. and to be able to have a day to work. and when clinton came in, he got rich. >> all right. calling from new orleans, louisiana. democrat. caller: hi. this is carl. >> hey, carl. kverages how you doing? >> pretty good. what are your thoughts? iowa caucus on monday. caller: okay. we got to give -- make miss hillary clinton the next president of the united states. >> okay.
7:57 pm
caller: we have been through a very, very, very progressive scenario with president obama. we got a lot of things done but the job isn't done yet. okay? a lot of people seem to be against this president. in spite of all of the republican opposition he did a lot of good things for this country. >> so what do you want her to continue specifically? what is the most important thing? caller: well, let me just get one comment before i say that. and that is, look at how hillary handled the benghazi hearings. nobody was more presidential than this lady who stood up in front of all of the -- the constant barrage of questions that she fielded. then after all of that she still had the composure to show that she was willing -- she not but to willing to lead
7:58 pm
work with other people to really get things done. don't get me done. i respect mr. sanders. let's be honest. if he undoes obama care, it's for to destroy obama care good. the republican congress will never let that come to a vote again. >> thanks for the call, carl. trying to get a few more people in here. back to dayton, ohio. charles on the line, democrat. sorry. i've got jason on the line. orange park, florida, republican. caller: i believe that we need a president that has experience. i think ted cruz is the person that needs to be there. donald trump does not have experience. he's been a businessman. honestly i believe he is putting on a show. we need someone that's going to change our debt. our debt is just increasing and increasing. we're at 18.2 trillion dollars. and that's the size of 18
7:59 pm
statues of liberty. that is a lot. >> that is a lot. caller: yes. we need ted cruz as our president. we have hillary clinton, i'm not personally a democrat, but hillary clinton, she has already been basically in office. you had bill clinton. hillary clinton actually gave bill clinton some advice to run the office and bill clinton did not do a good job so hillary clinton will not do a good job. >> thanks for the call. orange park, florida. we'll also take a look at some of the republican candidates we heard from today. we want to also let you know that we have live coverage planned tomorrow. it's going to be our road to the white house coverage with republican presidential candidate marco rubio. he'll be campaigning in ames, iowa, live at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. and then we'll take you on over to cedar rapids at 158 p.m.
8:00 pm
eastern where president clinton -- former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea will join the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton for a campaign event there. make sure to join us for that tomorrow 8:15 p.m. eastern ime. >> during campaign 2016 c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> next our road to the white house coverage of the republican presidential candidates in iowa. we begin with new jersey governor chris christie in ottumwa then jeb bush in carroll. after that iowa governor terry branstad, then ben carson in iowa city.


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